Dental Bridges in Mead, WA

Get Beautiful Dental Bridges in Spokane, WA

A beautiful smile helps you make a great impression. When you’re embarrassed about your smile, it takes a toll on your confidence and can make social interactions difficult. In a practical sense, you can struggle with necessary functions like eating and speaking when your oral health is suffering.

You can find a simple solution to both your oral function and beauty: dental bridges. Bridges are a restorative solution that replaces one or multiple missing or damaged teeth.

The key to getting quality restorative bridges is finding the right professional office for your treatment. If you’re in Washington and search for dental bridges near me, MyDentist in Spokane is the dental office for you.

What to Expect at Your Dental Bridge Appointment

If you’ve never had bridges done, you’re probably wondering what occurs during a typical appointment. When you come in for your consultation, your dentist will speak with you about your expectations as well as examine your oral history. You’ll have a dental impression made of your surrounding teeth to ensure your bridges fit properly.

Dental bridges are essentially dentures that are cemented in place. This process is usually achieved within two visits. Your dentist will start by numbing and cleaning your mouth to eliminate any lingering bacteria or plaque. The surrounding teeth that your bridge is placed between can be your original teeth or dental crowns covered by the bridge. Once in place, it shouldn’t come out. From there, you’ll begin the healing process.

Finding the Right Dental Bridges Near Me

You should never have to feel that your smile isn’t good enough. Basic functions should also come with ease. If you’ve always wanted to accomplish your best oral health, you have to invest in services from a reputable dental office. Not only should their services be top notch, you should also leave your mouth in the hands of people who give great customer service.

At MyDentist, they make sure you’re comfortable from the time you walk in until you leave the office. Using the most updated technology, they will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re satisfied with their services. Whether you’ve been to the dentist for restorative or cosmetic procedures in the past, they can fix or enhance your prior dental work to exceed your goals.

The next time you search dental bridges near me and find MyDentist, you should set up a consultation for your dental bridge treatment. When you're ready to set up an appointment, be sure to visit them online and schedule your next visit.