Ultrasonic Cleanings in Mead, WA

Dental Cleaning Near Me in Mead

Having a clean set of teeth is important. Here in Spokane, our practice at MyDentist is ready to help you keep your teeth healthy and looking great. We treat patients from all over the area, including Mead, WA, and we look forward to working with you.

Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is an excellent way to keep teeth looking their best. In the past, we would have manually scaled your teeth to remove tartar and plaque. This can be an effective method, but we've switched to ultrasonic cleaning because of how effective it can be. Further, this type of dental cleaning doesn't damage any tooth enamel, which is a possibility when you have your teeth manually cleaned. At our office, we use a hand-held device that vibrates extremely quickly, and these pulsating movements can cause tartar and plaque to fall off. Water is used to rinse off the teeth. The ultrasonic cleaner has a water tip that allows us to be precise and controlled when doing this rinsing.

Dental Cleaning Patients

Our dentist, Dr. Nicholas Harker, recommends this type of dental cleaning for nearly all of our patients. It doesn't put any physical pressure on your teeth, so it's quite safe. It's a bit similar to how electronic toothbrushes work, but it just has greater intensity and efficacy.

For our patients who may have early stages of gum disease, it can be particularly ideal. This is because ultrasonic cleaning can reach the plaque and tartar deposits that may be beneath the gum line. Manual cleaning cannot reach these areas. Plus, when you're dealing with gum disease, some of your teeth may be loose; ultrasonic cleaning is very gentle on those teeth.

Dr. Harker also recommends this type of cleaning for people who may be nervous about visits to the dentist. A lot of sensory issues can be at play when people have anxiety about a trip to a dental practice, so this modern approach to cleaning teeth can be beneficial. Another factor is that ultrasonic tools allow us to do our work more quickly. If you're uncomfortable at the office, we'll aim to get you in and out as fast as possible.

Dental Cleaning Near Me

Dental hygiene can affect your overall health. The industry recommends that you visit the dentist at least twice a year for exams and cleanings. This way, Dr. Harker can identify and treat any areas of concern, and we can keep your teeth looking their best. Ultrasonic cleanings can brighten up your teeth and remove plaque, and plaque is what causes cavities, decay, and potentially gum disease. If you're looking for dental cleaning near me and live in Mead, reach out to MyDentist to schedule an appointment.